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Danielle Duer

Photos by Aza Scheele.

Nashville-native, Danielle Duer, is an acclaimed artist and designer focused on ambitious, original projects that tell the authentic stories of her very special clients.

Her degree in Commercial Art boosted her existing professional fine art career into a variety of creative achievements including being publicly recognized by the Mayor for her contributions to downtown Nashville’s Art and Culture.

She directed and collaborated on a variety of design projects over the next decade, opening and curating an art gallery, designing corporate furniture, branding, identity and web presence for dozens of clients, award-winning product design, running a design firm that manufactured home furnishings at the wholesale level, and design and counsel for residential and commercial interior projects.

She continues to show a new fine art series to the public once a year and has successfully developed a beautiful unique series of illustrations dedicated to telling a family’s love story.

She recently finished a rigorous technological program learning software design and development, and earned an additional certificate for User/Customer Experience.

Her collection of professional experiences gives her the unique ability to consider design from many significant angles and gives her a strong foundation to add to her intuition when creating custom work, her area of expertise.

Ultimately, in every job, Duer wants her client’s voice to be heard, to retain a focused innovative design, and for the end customer to feel valued and to have a spectacular experience.