Duer’s paintings and drawings couple dainty details with fanciful landscapes, all rendered in vivid color. Ships sail in from far off places and bears cavort on unicycles in imaginative scenes that would look right at home on book covers. As the artist once said, she learned as a child to create places, whether through writing, painting, or drawing, that were smothered with the most “delicious, bizarre scenery.” As her creations show, she is also well aware of the importance of “oddities and peculiarities” in making something beautiful.
— Megan L. Ramirez | Beautiful Decay
She is a strategist and a developer of solutions. She doesn’t believe in form over content, or content over form. She just understands that good design is about creating a solution that works for everyone and continuing to make it better by hard work, creativity and being around people.
— Mandy McNeil